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*Event posters include various (but not all) in-house & 3rd-party events held at East-Centric Pavilion... 

ECP- "one of the city's coolest and most intimate outdoor venues."

A "must do" in Nashville

Granted the Beutification Award

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Company Profile

East-Centric, LLC


Founded: 2012

Owners: Courtney McCarley,

Susan Ghorbani


Areas of expertise: Events, Community

*ECP has donated 35% of gross revenue in in-kind services to local non-profits and schools. 

Awards & Recognition

Nashville Scene

Pablo Picasso once said...

“Everything you can imagine is real.”  Several years ago, we, the ladies of East-Centric, imagined a place where arts, music, and culture collide in East Nashville.  As suggested, we imagined such a scene and called it “East-Centric.”  In late 2012, fate would guise itself in a faint knock. How ever faint, it would be heard and answered. And so we became East-Centric...

About Us

Appeared on Tabatha Takes Over Season 6 Premiere. She recommended that her clients  participate events like ours to help their business.  

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a revelry of all things east

Tons of Fun at East-Centric Pavilion*

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"an example of the innovative thinking helping to shape the area (East Nashville)."