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*Sponsors appearing on any 3rd-party event posters are partners solely of the events/3rd-party host & do not reflect a partnership or business relationship w/ East-Centric, LLC/East-Centric Pavilion.

Appeared on Tabatha Takes Over Season 6 Premiere. She recommended that her clients  participate events like ours to help their business.  

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ECP- "one of the city's coolest and most intimate outdoor venues."

East-Centric, LLC


Founded: 2012

Owners: Courtney McCarley,

Susan Ghorbani


Areas of expertise: Events, Community

*ECP has donated 35% of gross revenue in in-kind services to local non-profits and schools. 

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Granted the Beutification Award

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*Event posters include various (but not all) in-house & 3rd-party events held at East-Centric Pavilion... 

Tons of Fun at East-Centric Pavilion*

Company Profile

"an example of the innovative thinking helping to shape the area (East Nashville)."

Pablo Picasso once said...

“Everything you can imagine is real.”  Several years ago, we, the ladies of East-Centric, imagined a place where arts, music, and culture collide in East Nashville.  As suggested, we imagined such a scene and called it “East-Centric.”  In late 2012, fate would guise itself in a faint knock. How ever faint, it would be heard and answered. And so we became East-Centric...